Research associate/Domain expert

Welcome to Anabrid, a vibrant deep tech startup concentrating on building the future hybrid computer architecture. We build a technology which is so profoundly different to traditional digital computing that our first applications will be within the challenging sector of (fundamental) science and industry. This is why we are seeking for excellent scientists with a deep knowledge in their domains of expertise, willing to connect this to different computing paradigms and modern approaches such as artificial intelligence.


The first impactful applications for our digital-analog hybrid computer chip will within science and industry. As an expert within your domain, such as computational physics, chemistry or life sciences, engineering, math or theoretical computer science, you are well aware of the recent trends in high performance computing and artificial intelligence. You are a researcher by heart and want to do something with impact which will revolutionize your field? With analog computing, you can join loose ends in completely different branches of science and industry.


  • Indepent managing and carrying out of research projects relevant for analog computing.
  • Translation, fostering of cross-domain understanding and establishing of notations, mathematical models within a team of scientists and engineers.
  • Implementation of computer programs and circuits for simulating and testing systems of interest.
  • As a scientist, you search for literature do communication and report about your findings.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master degree within Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Math, Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject.
  • Notable publication record (at least two peer-reviewed papers in a journal of your subject).
  • Broad understanding of relevant topics within the computational branch of your subject.
  • Communicative skills, above-average English (spoken and written) and German.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD degree within Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Math, Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject.
  • Programming experience with an Open Source technical/scientific programming language/ecosystem (preferably Scientific Python, Julia or C++).
  • Programming experience with big proprietary codes such Matlab, Simulink or Mathematica.
  • Programming experience with respect to High Performance Computing (for instance OpenMP, Cuda, etc.)

What you get from us

  • A vibrant academic, focussed and international team with lot's of university affiliations and possibilities for carrier growth.
  • The option to take over leadership responsibilities in a rapidly growing team.
  • The thrilling atmosphere of a startup combined with the salary and environment of an established federal agency.
  • An upright culture of largely producing open source codes and open hardware.
  • Naturally, access to the best hardware and software thanks to generous and secure funding
  • Flexbility and self-responsibility with respect to workplace and times, in particular with respect to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested? Send your Resumé to
Please put all attachments (letter, CV, references) into a single PDF file.