Scientific Project Manager (Postdoc)

Welcome to Anabrid, a vibrant deep tech startup concentrating on building the most efficient classical (non-quantum) computer architecture. Enter with us this very fruitful domain of non-traditional computing paradigms at the truly interdisciplinary interface within a broad range of applications as well as fundamental science. Anabrid is seeking to build up a new research center at the Ulm innovation center, powered by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Here we do not only want to do bleeding edge science on analog quantum simulation but also develop the first large analog computer which really can be a contender for current-day quantum computing applications.

In order to so so, we are looking for a combined position doing both Project lead managament and Site managament.


  • You closely manage a team of 10-20 engineers and scientists at our new research site.
  • You are the primary contact person for the German Aerospace Center in all kind of questions.
  • As a site manager, you work on building up the new office and lab spaces.
  • You supervise students, trainees and provide support for visitors.
  • You have the freedom to conduct a largely independent research program within the scientific neighbourhood (DLR and Ulm University).
  • You closely follow an existing scientific project plan for three years within personel and financial manners. This gives you a major role in the company already at day one.

Minimum Qualification

  • Proven experience in team leadership, for instance in scientific environment (student assistants, lecture courses, etc.).
  • Very good organizational skills and leadership abilities.
  • Outstanding PhD in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics or similar studies.
  • Basic understanding of programming in scientific, embedded and user applications. At least basic understanding of electric engineering (EE).
  • Communicative skills, above-average English (spoken and written) and German.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in the domain of quantum computing and/or condensed matter physics.
  • Excellent track of publications.
  • Work results which demonstrate contributions to (ideally open sourced) codes, preferably in the scientific domain.
  • Record of outreach and science communication activities.
  • Experience in jobs outside academia is prefered.

What you get from us

  • An indefinite contract in private research: The thrilling atmosphere of a startup combined with the safety and stabilty of an academic environment.
  • A vibrant focussed and international team with lot's of academic affiliations and possibilities for academic qualification (i.e. habilitation) or other means of carrier growth.
  • The option to take over leadership responsibilities at day one in a rapidly growing team.
  • An upright culture of largely producing open source codes and open hardware.
  • Naturally, access to the best tools thanks to generous and secure funding.
  • Flexbility and self-responsibility with respect to workplace and times, in particular with respect to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Flat hierarchies, you won't have a traditional boss.

Interested? Send your Resumé to
Please put all attachments (letter, CV, references) into a single PDF file.