Anabrid joins UnternehmerTUM Incubator

Anabrid was selected to be supported by the Munich based UnternehmerTUM XPreneurs Incubator. The six month program allows for connecting to research and industry and sharpening our buisness cases.

Event happening in the Munich Urban Colab, where XPreneurs is based | (c) by Bert Willer, UnternehmerTUM/XPreneurs

Anabrid is happy to announce to be supported by the Munich based UnternehmerTUM. The Berlin based deep tech startup was selected to join the XPreneurs Incubator on a six month track for idealistic (non-monetary) support.

UnternehmerTUM is a lighthouse in the German startup ecosystem and pioneered many funding and spin-off concepts. »Getting access to this valuable network in Munich is a significant step in our expansion in Southern Germany«, says co-founder and chairman Sven Köppel. The Anabrid research site Ulm is close to Munich and staff members from Ulm will regularly join Dr. Köppel for events to Munich.

More Information can be found in the XPreneurs press statement.