Meet the founders of anabrid.

The founding partners from left to right:

Dirk Killat

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Killat is a professor for microelectronics and an expert in the field of energy efficient analog circuits, System-on-Chip for industry, automotive, power management and consumer electronics applications. He has commercialized successful products with millions of units sold at Dialog semiconductor, which has since been acquired by Apple Inc. Currently, his work is focused mainly on energy efficient analog/digital conversion and DC/DC voltage converters. He holds 21 patents.

Sven Köppel

Dr. Sven Köppel is a quantum physicist and an expert in numerical solutions of partial differential equations (PDEs). As a part of his PhD project, he has developed energy efficient codes for simulating black holes and gravitational waves. He was a deputy chief investigator of an international research project on efficiently solving hyperbolic PDEs on exascale computers for three years. He is a frequent academic speaker whose experience extends across several fields including life science and medical engineering.

Lars Heimann

Dipl.-Ing. Lars Heimann will be Head of Business and responsible for all business intelligence solutions as well as implementing technology solutions. He brings years of experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry to the table and has a background in Quantitative Finance Computing, Aerospace Technology and Power Plant Engineering and Design. He specializes in all aspects of Business Intelligence and heads the Business Development Department. He is known to design his own lego planes.

Bernd Ulmann

Prof. Dr. Bernd Ulmann is a world-leading expert in analog and hybrid computing. He is the author of several recent books in this field, including Analog and Hybrid Computer Programming (DeGruyter, 2020). He is a professor for business informatics at FOM University of Applied Sciences, a private college in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Dr. Ulmann is the conceptional lead of anabrid.