Mixed Signal IC Designer

Finally overcoming old limits and setting out for something new: Welcome on board our young IC design team! If you want to start something new that requires your full creativity, knowledge, experience and commitment, you are at the right place. We develop and market fundamentally new analog computer IP and analog computer SoC.


Our analog computer-on-chip does not live on analog alone: Digital-assisted analog for configuration, calibration, test and controller interface on the SoC. For this we are looking for experts who are at home in both worlds: Analog and Digital. Ideally, you have practical experience in mixed-signal projects and in digital design flow from behavioral description to backend. As part of the design team, you will take on the responsible task of specifying the interfaces between the core functions of the analog computer and the controller of the SoC. You will work closely with the Analog Expert:s to validate the design with macro modeling and toplevel simulation. If you think you can contribute to this responsible role, including other experience areas, let's talk.

What you get from us

  • Access to the best laboratory conditions, hardware and software thanks to generous and secure funding
  • The thrilling atmosphere of a startup combined with the sallary and environment of highly skilled experts in a vibrant academic, focussed and international team.
  • If interested, the option to take over leadership responsibilities in a rapidly growing team.
  • An upright culture of largely producing open source codes and open hardware.
  • Flexbility and self-responsibility with respect to workplace and times, in particular with respect to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested? Send your Resumé to jobs@anabrid.com.
Please put all attachments (letter, CV, references) into a single PDF file.